Don Carlos in 1910

We next find Don Carlos again with his family in 1910.  He is still living in Pilot township with his mother who is now a widow and his brothers and sisters.  He is 14 years old at the time of the census.  We can also see that several siblings have moved on or died.  When I find information like this is always causes me to reflect on the strength of the woman, in this case my great grandmother. She was widowed with several children still at home. She must have been an amazing woman to carry on, and to have raised such incredibly strong and capable offspring. They say you can tell what kind of a parent you are by how your grandchildren turn out.  I’d say that alone is a wonderful testimony to both Buell and Lizzie.
1910 census
1910 US Federal Census
Pilot, Vermilion, Illinois
Supervisors District 9
ED District 180
Sheet 12 B
Lizzie Tilloton
Don Tillotson
1896 (14)
Harold Tillotson
Jesse Tillotson
Hosea Tillotson
John Dougherty

Buell Tillotson died  on 22 July 1902.   He died as a result of heart failure, complication: peruiceous anemia.  He was 55 years, 7 months and 25 days old when he died. Buell and Lizzie has been married 17 years when he died.

Buell Tillotson DC
In 1909 Lucetta (Aunt Sally) married Matt Emery Kinney which is why she doesn’t show up with her family in 1910.

In 1904 Fifer Walter died as a result of Pneumonia. The story goes that he was on a hayride and someone swiped his hat, as a result he caught cold and died.  We were never allowed to swiped each others hats growing up, who knows how many great nephews and nieces lives were saved as result of their Uncle Fifer’s death.

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