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  • 1940 Census Results!

    1940 Census Results! Well, it’s official I found my family on the 1940 census!  It was very easy to search since I knew where they were living at the time. 1940 Census for Brookston, Praire, White, Indiana Name Age Marital Status Place of birth residence 1935 occupation Industry Tillotson, Don 44 Married Illinois same house […]

  • Don Carlos Census

    By 1920, Don Carlos was married to Ruby Elsie Stultz and they already had one child, Don junior, the census was taken the 10 and 12 of January 1920, Lionel was born later that year in July. The census taker spelled his name as Donald Tillitson. Don and Ruby went on to have 9 children, […]

  • Don Carlos in 1910

    We next find Don Carlos again with his family in 1910.  He is still living in Pilot township with his mother who is now a widow and his brothers and sisters.  He is 14 years old at the time of the census.  We can also see that several siblings have moved on or died.  When […]

  • Don Carlos 1900 Census

    I have been able to track Don Carlos on the census records, beginning in 1900.  I am excitedly awaiting the arrival of the 1940 census information as it will be the last one he is recorded on.  If you haven’t had a chance to volunteer to index the 1940 census you can sign up by going to […]

  • Heroes

    Growing up Don Carlos and Ruby Tillotson were heroes in my eyes.  All the stories told of them made them seem larger than life.  How exciting as an adult to trace down those stories and see they are true.       One particular story is that Don was such a large man he would completely […]