Mary Jane Saylor

 I have been an avid family history researcher since I was 16 years old and my aunt needed some young legs to tramp around hillsides looking for gravestones. We made amazing discoveries during the trip and I have been fascinated with it ever since. Because of this amazing introduction to genealogy, I spend the majority of my time passing on the ability to research to those I come into contact with who are interested in learning good research technique. 

I have recently begun working with the First Families of Utah project though UGA and hope to expand and revitalize the program.  For the past two years I have helped the SLIG committee as Assistant Registrar, as I believe SLIG offers valuable training to attendees. This year I am working on promoting SLIG as the Marketing Coordinator.

I also serve as the Registrar for my local DAR chapter. I enjoy helping prospective members trace their family lines.

I am trained in Forensic Genealogy and enjoy working with adoptees to help them reunite with their families.

I am blessed to be married to am amazing man who understands my passion for family history research and supports me in my endeavors to help others in their quest to understand where they have come from.  I am the mother of 7 wonderful children scattered across the globe, as well as the grandmother of 3 beautiful granddaughters. 


Stephanie Lynn Saylor


I am a full-time genetic genealogist who holds a degree in biology with an emphasis in neuroscience and have worked in research for several years on topics including: Parkinson’s disease, opioid receptors, maternal immune activation and glial cells. I believe that solid research techniques can help us get to know our ancestors on a deeper level, even when traditional documentation is missing or conflicting.

I have completed several genetic genealogy related courses, including the Advanced DNA course at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy and the Advanced DNA Practicum at the Forensic Genealogy Institute and I teach and organize genetic genealogy webinars, with Kent Jaffa and Peg Ivanyo, for Utah Genealogical Association. I hope to be able to help others who have an interest in genealogy use biology, and genetics gain confidence to further their research goals.

If you would like help with a genetic genealogy issue, please read, fill out, and email me a copy of the signed contract or email me any questions about my work.

Below are some of my up-coming scheduled classes and events.

Finding Haplogroup Happiness
22 April 2017
South Davis Family History Fair

Description: Haplogroups can be more than a haphazard aid in your research. Come see several examples of how haplogroups can cut your research time into a heavenly half. We will be looking at simple ways to incorporate haplogroups into your personal research style.Preview the Handout.

Take 2!
22 April 2017
South Davis Family History Fair

Description: Take a tour of 2 sites that expand what you can do with your genetic genealogy. GEDmatch has wonderful tools to further your genetic genealogy research. Promethease allows you to pull up information from your raw data on medical and other implications of your DNA results. Preview the Handout.

Question and Answer
16 May 2017
Utah Genealogical Association’s DNA Interest Group Webinar 

Description: Join us for our DNA Special Interest Group Meeting where you bring a question and we work to help you answer it, as a group. This meeting via GoToWebinar will not  be recorded as we will have no formal presentation. Please register to attend at UGAgenealogy.org on the DNA Interest Group page after logging in.

What DNA Can Teach You
14 October 2017
Eastern Idaho Family History Conference

Description: Learn how genetic genealogy can provide additional documentation on your ancestors. This class focuses on some basics of different DNA tests and gives reasonable expectations on how long and involved your research can be depending on your learning curve, research question, and the type of DNA you are using. Preview the Handout.

Making a Plan for DNA Testing
14 October 2017
Eastern Idaho Family History Conference

Description: A discussion based class on how to make plans for your genetic genealogy research, based on your personal goals. Bring your laptop, research, and experience with traditional and genetic genealogy to brainstorm with the class on multiple paths to conquer your specific genealogical difficulties. Preview the Handout.